Top 15 Best leather Beds in 2024 – Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for the best leather bed for your cozy abode? Well, it is the perfect piece of furniture that adds a touch of grandeur to your room. It can instantly bring your body to ease, which is exactly what you want after a tiring day of work. Moreover, leather platform beds make for idyllic sleeping conditions. They are soft, comfy, and blissful.

Best Leather Beds

Sleeping is not just any part of your routine but an open secret to a happy life. Most importantly, a tranquil slumber is essential to maintain your physical as well as mental health. If your body doesn’t get enough rest, you will feel lethargic the entire day. Worst case scenario, you may get into a fight with your loved ones!

When it comes to bed, it is not merely a piece of wood, but your happy place. It is the part of your house that keeps the sweetest memories. Early morning breakfast-in-bed or the never-ending late-night whispers, your cozy comforter holds it all. Additionally, it makes for a relaxed place to read a novel or work on your laptop.

Be it your master bedroom or a guestroom, a leather bed frame is an unparalleled addition. Not only does it add class to your room but also provides the ultimate comfort that you expect from your happy place.

Among the multitude of options, why a leather bed? Leather is the true epitome of luxury and finesse. It fits perfectly well in just about any setting. The bed frame offers all of this, along with being exquisitely fashionable.

What really is a leather platform bed? Is it of a specific design or a particular size? What are the benefits of a leather bed, and why should you choose it over others? This ultimate guide is here to answer all your questions related to a leather bed. Additionally, you will get a list of the top 15 best leather beds in 2024!

What is Leather Bed?

Leather beds are invented to give you the most comfortable sleep. The bed frame is mainly made up of wood or metal, which is covered with varying types and colors of leather. Further, the foundation of the platform bed is made of wooden planks or slats, eliminating the need for box springs. A leather platform bed is usually of low rise and supports all types of mattresses.

That is not all. It is further divided into different designs, sizes, shapes, and much more. Does it sound confusing? This guide has got you covered. It lists the different types of leather and size available for bed frames. It also mentions the other features that you should consider while buying a bed.

Now you can have the complete knowledge before making the final purchase of your ideal leather bed frame. Let’s dive in!

What are the Various Types of Leather Used in Bed Frame?

Full Grain Leather is the finest and most expensive leather available.

Did you know that leather too can be of distinguishing types? How can you differentiate between them? Quality leather has a smooth finish and does not have an unpleasant smell. The higher the price, the better the quality. Still, that does not mean that good leather is not affordable. Let us have a look at the different types of leather and their differentiating features.

Full Grain Leather: The most expensive type, this leather is left untreated from any chemicals or polishing. It is only dipped in a vegetable dye—aniline. Due to its natural texture, it is considerably soft and is the most durable type of leather used in beds.

Split Grain leather: Made out of the residues of the full-grain, this type of leather is semi-natural. It is treated with chemical substances to get a smooth finish. Split Grain is more affordable than full-grain. However, you need to take more care of this one as it is comparatively less durable.

Faux Leather: It is the most common type of leather that you will find in beds. Constructed of rubber, chemicals, and plastic, it is completely man-made. However, it does not compromise on the looks. Faux leather is modern and the most economical type of leather.

How Many Sizes are Available in Leather Bed Frame?

Like any other type, leather beds usually come in six sizes. Each of them differs in the number of people that can fit without any shortage of space.

Twin: (75 x 38) Has your baby grown all grown up? This is an ideal leather bed frame size for your teenager. It can fit only one person at a time.

Twin XL: (80 x 38) Slightly bigger than the Twin size. This leather bed is 5 inches longer than the former, perfect for you if you prefer sleeping alone.

Full: (74 x 54) A full or double size leather bed can easily accommodate two teenagers. If two of your kids sleep in the same room, this is a good option for you.

Queen: (80 x 60) Are you and your partner looking for a chic leather bed frame? Bigger in length as well as width, this is the ideal size for a couple.

SHA CERLIN Queen Size Leather Bed Frame Design size details

SHA CERLIN Queen Size Leather Bed Frame Design Size

King: (80 x 76) A complete family bed, the King size can accommodate two adults and a child. You can opt for this one if your baby cannot bear to sleep away from you.

California King: (84 x 72) Do you feel congested on your Queen size bed? The California King leather bed is just the bed to give you two the space you need. Additionally, you can also let your four-legged baby snug-up with you.

How Can a Leather Bed Benefit You?

The delights of having a leather bed are unmatchable. It not only fulfills the need of sleeping in a warm, pleasant environment but also makes your life convenient. Here are a few of the multiple benefits of a leather bed.

Provides Utmost Comfort

The first and foremost job of a bed is to provide comfort, and your leather bed is downright eligible. It is soft and smooth, providing a warm environment to fall into a sound slumber.

Most of the leather bed frames are thickly padded. Their headboards make for great support, releasing the tension from your back and shoulders. Additionally, the platform base perfectly holds your mattress.

Adds a Touch of Luxury

Are you tired of the basic wooden-style beds? Do you want something extraordinary to add life to your room? Leather bed frames come in unique designs that are eye-catching and conspicuous. They not only outshine the common platform beds but also the other fabric upholstered beds.

Luxury leather bed

Your bed should be the center of attraction in your room, and leather can very well fulfill that requirement. It is the definition of class and luxury. Adding a piece of leather furniture can instantly make your lovely house look as fine as a top-notch hotel.

What’s more? Leather is always in fashion. Irrespective of its color, the material makes your room look downright modern. A leather bed will let you stay in line with the trend. Once you get a leather bed frame, it is going to be the talk of your group.

Easy Maintenance

With your work taking up most of your time, you do not want to spend your resting hours in cleaning. Leather bed frames are here to save your time. All you need is a damp cloth, and your cozy place will be clean within minutes. What’s more? The platform base will provide a breathable environment for your mattress, keeping it fresh.

Built to Last Long

When it comes to quality leather, you can rest assured that it will not wear out anytime soon. Real leather lasts longer than any of the other materials. Once you buy a leather bed, you will not need to hit the market for up to 5-10 years. It is not only durable but also highly reliable.

That said, you must make sure of a few things to ensure your bed’s longevity. Do not bring any sharp objects like knives, scissors, etc. near your leather bed frame. It can easily get torn. Also, chemical liquids tend to damage the material. Cleaning with a cloth dipped in water is sufficient.

Quality of Life

You must have had an adjustable chair or a sofa seat, but ever heard of an adjustable headboard. Most of the leather bed frames have a headboard that can change positions to suit your posture. Do you want to recline backward or sit with an upright back-support? The highly maneuverable leather bed can offer the exact resting position you like.

Space Efficiency

DHP Faux Leather Platform Bed with Storage Drawers

Be it a small Twin size or a large California King, your bed is sure to occupy a considerable amount of space in your room. How about getting a frame that serves as the most comfortable sleeping foundation along with a storage solution?

Leather platform beds are space-efficient as most of them come with a built-in storage section. It can be in the form of small shelves at the side or large storage boxes underneath. Now you can have all your necessary items right next to you.

Keeps the Cold at Bay

Who doesn’t love back support but doesn’t the wall make you uncomfortable? It is hard and chilled, due to the air conditioner in summers and the low temperature in winters. The same goes for a wooden headboard. However, leather bed frames are an exception.

Though some leather beds may not have a headboard, most of them do, even if a short one. Its thick texture and padding provide a cushion for your back, keeping the cold at bay.

What Should You Look for While Buying a Leather Bed?

A leather bed can be your ideal choice. However, it does not mean you will buy the first bed that you get your hands on. Despite its plethora of benefits, you must keep certain factors in mind while choosing an optimal leather bed frame.

Design & Color

Do you want a light shade that pleases the eyes or a darker one that is easy to clean? Are you looking for a bright color that stands out or a soft, sophisticated bed to suit your room? Leather beds have the impeccable quality of matching all types of rooms. Nevertheless, the exact design and color that suits your décor is an essential point of consideration.

You may be someone who loves staying high on style, even when it comes to your bed frame. Alternatively, you can be one of those who like to keep it simple yet elegant. Leather beds come in several designs like curved, straight, and many more.

Leather Type

As mentioned earlier, leather can be of several types. It is completely up to you whether you want to go for the genuine one or the faux leather. The former has a better finish, but its price range is at the higher end. Whereas, the latter type is quite economical but may lack the finish of real leather. Alternatively, you can choose the split-grain leather that falls in the middle.

Interior Construction

What is a leather bed frame made of? Obviously, leather! Except, the answer is not this simple. The frame is usually made of wood or metal. It is then covered with a thick foam padding, providing comfort to your back. At the end comes the thick layer of leather.

Finding out about the quality of materials used in the construction of your leather bed frame is essential. It greatly affects the durability of your bed.


Incredible Padding Craftsmanship

The softness of your leather bed also depends on the type of padding it contains. Although your mattress can do the job of providing the ultimate comfort, your bed also plays a significant role. You do not just go to bed to sleep. If you buy a well-padded leather bed, you will not need to place mounts of cushions behind you while sitting.

The good-quality thick padding will soothe your muscles and give your body a state of relaxation. With a padded leather bed, you can watch your favorite movie or read a novel with the perfect back support.

Foundation Requirements

A platform bed usually consists of slats to support your mattress. These slats may be made of wood or steel. They are evenly spread to equally distribute the pressure on your mattress, preventing them from sinking downward.

You may choose to have a platform base made entirely of wood or one with wooden slats along with metal support. The latter is undeniably more durable as the metal rod at the center is strong and steady.

MechanismAdjustable headboard

As mentioned earlier, most of the leather beds come with an adjustable headboard. You can choose to have a straight headboard or recline it backward for maximum support. All this, with a touch of a small button that is present at the side of your leather bed frame. You must decide whether you want an adjustable frame or not.

Availability of Headboard, Footboard, and Sideboard

All this talk about back comfort and your bed does not have a headboard? Well, it is completely up to you. You can choose a leather bed with or without a headboard.

Talking about footboards, they provide extra support to your mattress. Additionally, you can choose to use them as support while sitting.

As an extra feature, most of the leather beds come with a sideboard. They not only make your bed stand out in looks but also prevent the mattress from sliding sidewards.


Leather is a hardwearing fabric that can stay intact in extreme weather conditions. Talking about its life, that mostly depends on the type you choose. However, even the faux leather is quite durable. All you need to do is clean your leather bed regularly, and it will be as good as new.

Storage Optionsleather bed with Mini-Storage Design

If you want your bed to be space-efficient, you can choose one which has a storage section. Many leather bed frames come with varying options for storing items. It may have boxes below the platform base or shelves on the sideboard. The list increases as new designs flow in!


Leather platform beds are usually of low rise. They have an in-built base, excluding the use of box springs that can provide height to your bed. Still, you can choose a leather bed to be of low or mid-rise. That said, low rise beds are downright convenient to slip on and off!


Even the most affordable beds are not cheap. Once you make a purchase, you cannot think of buying a bed anytime soon. This is why you need to be aware of the brand of your leather bed. However, that does not mean you must only choose the well-reputed, expensive brand. Reading the reviews of a particular brand might do the job.

Price & Warranty

The difference in the type of leather, design, construction, etc. makes for a varying range of prices. Before you set to buying, you must ascertain the cost that you are willing to pay. Additionally, the presence of a warranty adds more value to your leather bed.

Up till now, you must be completely aware of the exact features that you would want in your leather bed. So let us get to the exciting part of checking out the top 15 best leather beds in 2024!

Top 15 Best Leather Beds in 2024 – Chart

PreviewBed FrameAdvantageOur Rating

1. Greatime Contemporary Upholstered Queen Leather Bed

Modern look leather platform bed4.5

2. Zuri Furniture Modern White Genuine Leather Platform Bed

White Genuine Leather Bed with Silver Powder-Coated Metal Disc Feet4.8

3. Greatime Storage Platform Black Leather Bed

Gorgeous, soft,multifunctional leather platform bed4.6

4. Zuri Furniture Hera Genuine White Leather Platform Bed with Adjustable Headrests

Brushed stainless steel feet and leather headboard with adjustable headrests4.4

5. US Pride Furniture Contemporary Faux Leather Platform Bed

Finished in wood frames and upholstered in faux leather and PVC foam.4.2

6. Amolife Modern Faux Leather King Platform Bed Frame

high quality steel, ultimate strength and safety design4.5

7. DHP Cambridge Black Faux Leather Upholstered Bed Frame

Button tufting detailed modern leather bed frame with storage, headboard and footboard4.7

8. Zinus Gerard Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

Steel framework and foam padding , durable, comfort & functional4.6

9. Mecor White Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed Frame

Sturdy metal construction, luxury leather and bentwood slat system4.3

10. DHP Dakota Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed with Storage Drawers

Button tufted diamond detailing on a stylish and chic bed frame
With under-bed storage, headboard and footboard

11. LAGRIMA Modern LED White Upholstered Faux Leather Bed

Modern design LED Bed, strong construction with wooden frames and upholstered leather4.4

12. SHA CERLIN King Size Upholstered Faux Leather Low Profile Sleigh Platform Bed

The entire bed frame is completely wrapped in soft leather and linen fabric for the ultimate in comfort and appearance.4.7

13. Allewie Modern Low Profile Faux Leather Platform Bed Frame

Very modern design, the curved headboard is refreshing and provides more comfort.4.7

14. Best Price Mattress Agra Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed

Classic designed bed frame. If you're tired of picking, just choose this one.4.5

15. Kings Brand Furniture Black Tufted Faux Leather Bed

budget-friendly leather bed with good design and materials4.4

1. Greatime Upholstered White Leather Bed, Queen

Greatime constantly strives to offer unique designs with out-of-the-box color combinations in their furniture sets. Be it the extraordinary round beds or the highly elegant curved leather frames, all of its offerings are downright trendy. Overall, the brand excels in providing modern and comfortable furniture solutions.

Material & DesignGreatime Contemporary Upholstered White queen Leather Bed

White furniture is a true beauty, and when it comes in a leather bed, it doubles the elegance. This white leather bed frame has a low-rise headboard. Coming to the sideboard, it has curved railings, making the bed frame unique in a stylish way. Apart from providing extra support to your mattress, the sideboards add a dash of finesse to your room.

The bed is constructed of Vinyl—which is a type of faux leather. The high-quality material has a smooth finish, perfectly soft to touch. Other than that, the leather bed has wooden slats to hold your mattress in place.


The thickly-padded headboard of this bed frame makes for the most comfortable support to your head and shoulders. It helps to release tension from your body, giving you a soothing experience. Now you can recline backward and relax or watch your favorite show without any discomfort.


Vinyl is known for its quality and durability. Additionally, you do not need to put in a lot of effort to maintain its fine texture. All you got to do is wipe your leather frame with a wet cloth to keep the white material clean.

The foundation of the Queen size platform leather bed has 28 curved slats. These are evenly spread to equally distribute body weight, making for a sturdy base. Moreover, they provide enough space for your mattress to breathe, extending its life.

What’s More?

Your beautiful white leather bed is curved from the front, adding to the grace of your room. Not only that, but it also gives an ergonomic position to sit at the edge of your bed.

Another highlight of this bed is that it has space under the headboard. It is perfect for you if you have a switchboard right behind your bed. However, this very feature can also prove to be a disadvantage.

  • Easy assembly
  • Comfortable low-rise
  • Flimsy slats
  • Pillows slide off through space under the headboard

2. Zuri Furniture Modern Marlo Genuine King Size Leather Platform Bed

From ultra-comfortable seats to fashionable bed frames, Zuri Furniture is a winner in every field. The company works in innovating products that add quality to your lifestyle. The products offered by this brand are highly sophisticated and completely different from others of its kind.

Material & DesignWhite Genuine King Leather Bed with Headboard

The bright white leather bed frame will automatically become the center of attraction of any room. Apart from its alluring color, you will not be able to lift your eyes from its aesthetic design. It has curved sideboards that add will add a touch of luxury to your living space.

Unlike the other bed frames, this one has genuine high-quality leather that gets even more beautiful with time.


The headboard of the Marlo leather bed reclines backward, providing an ergonomic seating position. It is thickly padded, which makes for the perfect support to your back. Moreover, it is high enough to provide complete comfort from your lower back to your head.


The full-grain or genuine leather does not age with time. Free of all sorts of chemicals, this leather bed frame comes with a long-lasting finish.

The platform base of the King size bed eminently adds stability. It has evenly spread, wooden slats that are strong and can easily bear pressure. The slats provide complete support to your mattress, maintaining its quality.

What’s More?

The bed has silver powder-coated metal feet on all four sides, which is in the shape of discs. This not only looks better than the traditional legs but also protects the leather from wear and tear.

The sideboards of the bed keep your mattress from sliding off. Now you can fall into a warm slumber with utmost comfort.

  • Long headboard
  • Ergonomic footboard
  • Full Grain Leather
  • High Price

3. Greatime Genuine Tufted Leatherette Platform Bed, King, Black

Greatime provides high-quality furniture that you can afford without breaking the bank. The beds offered by this brand are exquisite and completely unique. From storage sections to artistic designs, the platform beds presented by Greatime are highly efficient.

Material & DesignLuxurious leather bed frame with tufted leatherette headboard

Do you think leather beds only come with a simple design? This King size bed comes with a luxurious tufted headboard. Moreover, it has a sideboard that offers extra space for sitting as well as storage.

The leatherette bed is primely constructed of Vinyl, which is a type of faux leather. From the interior, this frame has plywood, adding to the structure of the bed. The platform bed has slats to support the mattress, that is made of wood.


This leather bed frame offers the ultimate state of comfort. Apart from being entirely padded, the headboard of the bed has extra pillow-like support systems. Now you do not need extra cushions to bring your back and shoulders at ease.


The platform leather bed has curved slats that not only support your mattress but also promote weight distribution. What makes this bed downright stable is its plywood frames that have metal brackets for connection. Not enough? The wooden slats are supported by a steel rod at the center along with two height-adjustable metal legs.

What’s More?

This Greatime tufted leatherette has multiple features that make it stand out. The bed frame has a large sideboard that makes for a comfortable bench. You can use it for sitting or letting your kid sleep right next to you.

Secondly, the bed frame has two shelves on the side. Now you can store all your necessary items at your bedside. Moreover, these shelves make for the perfect side table.

  • Storage shelves
  • Seating bench
  • Extra tufted headboard
  • Some customers have reported that the quality of the leather is not as good as claimed.

4. Zuri Furniture Hera Genuine White Leather Platform Bed with Adjustable Headrests – King

Zuri is a brand that takes into account the consumer’s fashion and style sensibilities. It keeps this at the forefront to then design cozy, comfortable pieces that suit your space the best. With unique, extensive styles, they ensure that you get the right piece of furniture for your home and all your aesthetic sense.

Also Read our full reviews about the best king-size bed frame with headboard.

Zuri Furniture White Leather Bed with Headboard and Adjustable Headrests

They are also dedicated to bringing consumers modern designs and bring them a plethora of options. They also provide you with modern art pieces so that you can add a little oomph factor to your space.

Material & Design

This bed is a platform bed made of leather. It comes in an elegant white so that it can add clean lines and the illusion of space to your bedroom. If you are thinking about avoiding unwanted impressions on walls, you can now sleep without worrying about this.

This is because the bed comes with a white headboard that comfortably shields your head from the wall. This also adds to the sleek design of the bed. It also has stainless steel accents to make your bed stand out in the bedroom.


For a sound night’s sleep, one of the most important components is a comfy bed. This leather piece adds that much more comfort to your night’s sleep. When covered with an extra layer, leather can give you one of the best support.

With this bed, comfort is taken a notch higher. It has adjustable headrests on its headboard. With this, you can occupy a position that suits your needs best.


This leather bed is a sturdy one that weighs 290 pounds. It can also contain a mattress that can be 12 inches high. For this reason, it has a good capacity and will last you a long time to come.

What’s More?

This bed is also a platform bed. This makes it cost-effective as you will not need a box spring for additional support.

  • Aesthetic look with brushed stainless steel accents and side rail accents
  • Adjustable headboard
  • Pre-assembled mattress support
  • Issues with customer service

5. US Pride Furniture Contemporary Brown Faux Leather Platform Bed, Queen

US Pride Furniture Contemporary Faux Leather Platform Bed, Queen Size, Brown

How can you add premium comfort to your bedroom without breaking the bank? How can you make your bedroom look stylish in a cost-effective way? If you’ve been asking yourself this before buying a leather bed, US Pride Furniture is committed to bringing stylish, premium furniture to you at the best prices.

Once you’ve bought a leather bed, you can also look for accented accessories to furnish your bedroom with.

Material & Design

When you buy this leather bed, you are also doing your bit for the environment at large. It comes upholstered with faux leather that looks classy and authentic. It is also constructed with PVC foam to give it excellent structure.

If you’ve been thinking of the material of the frame, it is made with food for a premium foundation. With a tufted headboard, you will be investing in an extremely elegant bed for your bedroom.

You may also like to read our complete guide about the best queen size bed frame with headboard.


This leather bed fits comfortably into your bedroom. It is a queen-sized bed that can add comfort to any limited space. Further, it weighs only 120 lbs. This means that you can easily shift it around from room to room, as per your requirements. Further, the materials are so crafted that it will stay comfortable for years to come.


A good quality leather bed is also one that lasts long. For this reason, this is just the bed that you need. It is made with the best quality materials. The quality is also consistent and is designed to last for a long time.

What’s More?

This bed comes in an entire set of its own. These include headboard, footboard, and rails. Now you can have a sound night’s sleep without having to worry about your head getting injured against the wall in the night. This is especially important for those of you who tend to toss and turn in your sleep.

Further, when all the three come in a single set, it becomes much easier to assemble and you won’t have to hunt further for additional products. This makes your job especially easy.

  • Easy to Assemble
  • Light and Easy to move
  • Elegant and Sophisticated Design
  • Great craftsmanship with quality materials
  • Issues with frame size

6. Amolife Modern King Deluxe Solid Faux Leather Platform Bed Frame with Adjustable Headboard

Mattress Foundation Deluxe Solid Faux Leather Bed Frame with Wood Slat Support

Amolife is a versatile brand for every kind of furniture. What do they focus on? You will be delighted to know that their central focus is on creating the best quality products for every kind of customer. What else can you expect from them?

While they do make design a priority, they also ensure that the furniture that you buy from them is useful. You will use it multiple times because that is exactly what it has been designed for.

Material & Design

The frame of this wonderfully designed bed is made of stainless steel and hence is extremely sturdy. It has a wavy, sleek design so that it can add an instantly modern feel to your bedroom. The design is also edgy and made such that it can add just the right amount of spice to your life.

If you have been thinking of a good night’s sleep, this leather bed can give you that and more. You won’t have to come back to a traditional sleeping space. Your bedroom space can guarantee just as much modern adventure as the café down the road.

Further, the bed is covered with PU leather for the most luxurious look.


Coming from this brand, the bed is designed to be extremely useful and comfortable. It has safe, evenly spaced out stainless steel slats that safely hold your mattress. With the right mattress, you will in for a treat when you sleep.

Further, the headboard is designed to keep your head safe during nights when you toss and turn.


Yes, this bed is extremely durable. It is made of a stainless steel frame that is designed to last for very long. Further, the PU leather is well-finished leaving you with minimal to no wear and tear in the long run.

What’s More?

The packing is extremely well done. Once you get the box, it will only take you a few minutes to put it together well.

  • Easy to Clean
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Classy, modern style
  • Durable
  • Can develop scratch marks

7. DHP Cambridge Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed with Wooden Slat Support and Under Bed Storage

DHP Cambridge Black Faux Leather Bed Frame with Storage

Dorel Home Products or DHP make some of the most stylish furniture including beds and futons. Their products are dedicated to small space living and they ensure that you can make the best use of the smallest living space. Why should you purchase your leather bed from them?

This is simply because their products tend to be multi-functional and of great quality and will last you for a long time. Further, with excellent designs at your disposal, they can be just the company that the designer prescribed.

Material & Design

This leather bed is made in a classic design with an elegant tufted design. Yes, it is made of faux leather in a deep black color. The choice of material makes it an eco-friendly option for those of you who want to contribute to the environment. It is also available in a classic grey linen color.

The design is kept modern and it comes with a headboard and footboard. For accident-proof, dreamy sleep, this is the ideal leather bed.


Since the bed is designed to make the best of space, it comes with added comfort. How does it achieve this? There is a storage space under the bed where you can store toys, bedding, or anything you fancy.

The storage space has a gas lift mechanism so that you won’t have to add an effort to open and close it. Layer the top with a mattress if you’d like and you are good to go.


The queen size bed has a capacity of up to 500lbs, making it a durable option for long-term use. With metal slats, it is designed to last for a long time.

What’s More?

This bed is designed just right so that it fits your small space well. It is made multi-functional so that will not have to worry about storage space. Indeed, it makes a great bed for the children’s bedroom as it is easy to clean and it can serve as your one-stop storage option for their bedding, books, and toys.

  • Great value for money
  • Ample storage space
  • Easy to Clean
  • Will fit into small spaces
  • Difficult to assemble

8. Zinus Gerard Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed Frame, California King

Zinus Mattress Foundation, Strong Wood Slat Support, Easy Assembly Leather Bed Frame, Easy to use, No Box Spring Needed

The quirky in furniture is brought to by the brand Zinus. They make furniture for all seasons and for any reason that you can conjure up. If you’re wondering what they offer, think of minimal designs that elegantly do all the talking. That’s not all, however. The brand knows just how to sneak a little bit of quirky into your décor.

How do they do this? With furniture items like green-tree-infused mattresses, your bedroom is in for the ultimate treat. If this is the aesthetic you are aiming for, your leather bed will be in good hands.

Material & Design

This leather bed is a modern platform bed that stands handsomely in your room. It has been designed to fit seamlessly in your space without calling for unwanted attention. Whether you want it to stand out or blend in, the bed has been made so that it can suit any of your needs.

It is upholstered in faux leather that takes on a deep expresso color. This is just the classic color for your bedroom. What else can you expect in terms of its design? Vertically stitched, padded headboards add to your bedroom’s organized look.


The bed is made in twin size dimensions and can support a capacity of 250 lbs. The other available sizes can support up to 500 lbs. With wood slats that will form a foundation under your mattress, it is designed in such a way that you can enjoy a safe and sound sleep. It is recommended that you use a memory foam mattress over the wooden slats. This should add to the comfort.


It is an extremely durable choice for a leather bed. It has a steel framework for durability and there is foam padding to add to it. The wood slates are also extremely durable and they add to the life of the latex. You can use it for a long time with added space advantages as it has a 9.8 inches’ clearance space for all your storage needs.

What’s More?

One of the best advantages of the sturdy frame of steel and wood is that you won’t need extra support. What does this mean? It simply means that you won’t be requiring a box spring to slip under your bed.

  • Easy to Assemble
  • Extremely durable
  • Classic style
  • Wood slat spacing may be faulty

9. Mecor White Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed with Solid Wooden Slat

Mecor White Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed with Solid Wooden Slat Support and Button Tufted Headboard and Footboard

Have you been looking for cost-effective furniture that has great service attached to it? We can understand why. With furniture, good customer service can make a world of difference. Mecor offers you just this. They have a range of home and office furniture and you will be spoilt for choice.

They’ll also guide you through your choice and will help you with all of the specifications after your purchase. Whether you want living room furniture, recreation room furniture, or a leather bed for your bedroom, Mecor is a great option to look at.

Material & Design

If clean spaces are what you prefer, the design of this leather bed is right for you. With a pristine pearl white faux leather design, this bed fits luxuriously into your bedroom. Because of its white surface, it will fit seamlessly into any décor that you prefer.

A headboard and footboard in the upholstered button design add to the rich feel of the fed. It is also a platform bed with a metal frame and solid wood slats.


Yes, the bed has indeed been designed to maintain your comfort. The footboard is made of the right height so that your feet don’t slip out and you don’t end up injuring yourself. The wood slats are arranged just right so that the mattress sits snugly on the frame. These ensure that you have safe afternoon naps and long sleepy nights.


The leather covering is designed to be extremely durable and last for a long time. It is also easy to clean. However, since it is white, you may want to maintain regular upkeep. It also comes in black if you want options. Further, the metal frame is made to keep your bed in good condition.

What’s More?

If you are worried about the bed gathering dust and mold, this leather bed has just the right solution for you. It has a bentwood slat system that increases airflow through the bed and mattress. This keeps it ventilated and clean.

  • Durable
  • Easy to Clean
  • Elegantly white design
  • Great customer service
  • Easy to Assemble
  • May miss a few parts when the package is delivered

10. DHP Dakota Upholstered Black Faux Leather Platform Bed with Storage Drawers

DHP Dakota Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed with Storage Drawers - Queen Size (Black)

Have you been planning on switching to a minimal lifestyle? Have you been thinking of swapping your life-style to save space? DHP’s furniture is designed to allow just this and more. Their designs are great and cost-efficient.

You will find an array of multi-functional furniture that will make the space-saver in you jump with joy. Read ahead to know just what to expect from their Dakota faux leather bed.

Material & Design

This leather bed is made in a lovely faux leather design that is set in an elegant black. This color goes well with any mattress and bedding that you choose to use. With button-tufted diamond detailing, this leather bed is both designer and functional.

To save space it is made as a queen-sized bed that can hold up to 500 lbs of weight. This makes enough room for your mattress and you. With a headboard and footboard for your safety, the functionality aspect is taken care of very well.


If comfort is key, this chic leather bed will cater to your needs best. Its wooden slats are firm and can snugly hold your mattress for the ultimate sleeping experience. It is also extremely easy to clean. For additional support, the bed also features extra metal legs.

It also has a storage space with four plastic drawers on wheels. If you have extra bedding, books, or clothes, this is where you may want to store it seamlessly.


DHP has ensured that this made will remain durable. Metal is extremely durable and the center rails and the side rails of this leather bed are made with this material. Hence, you can continue using it for a long time without worrying about it giving way.

What’s More?

It contains a well-ventilated system. You may be wondering how often you’ll have to air out the mattress. If you are a busy person, constant airing may be difficult. In this case, this leather bed makes your job easier by spacing its metal slats in such a way that ventilation is increased.

  • Easy assembly
  • Multiple colors and sizes
  • Easy to Clean
  • Storage space beneath the bed
  • May have weak wood underneath

11. LAGRIMA White Upholstered Faux Leather Bed with 8 Color Changing LED Light

Are you tired of old world designs for your home space? Does good furniture make you think of modern and innovative designs? Lagrima is committed to bringing you good quality furniture that has a modern twist to it.

White Upholstered Faux Leather Bed with 8 Color Changing LED Light / 2.8-Inch Solid Wooden Slats Support

With fascinating details and futuristic additions, their furniture will make your living space a modern adventure. If you have children, this brand might be just the modern addition they need. Do you have guests over often? Why not surprise them with an innovative leather bed? Read ahead to know why this bed is just right for your innovative spirit.

Material & Design

This is where this leather bed puts its innovative foot forward. It is made of pristine white faux leather with a metal and wood frame. However, that’s not all. The delight is in the lights. The bottom of the bed has LED lights that emanate 8 different colors.

As you enter the bedroom, you will be invited into a futuristic set up and the colors will spoil you for choice. It is also upholstered to give it a brilliant finish.


Are you wondering if all this futuristic and expedient design will take away from the comfort? With a headboard and frame with rails and slats, a good mattress will sit very well on this bed. It means that your comfort will be well taken care of.

The LED lights are also not complicated to use. With a remote, you can switch colors at the touch of a button.


Made with metal and wood, this leather bed has excellent durability. With a capacity of 551 lbs. and a queen size, the frame will last you for very long. However, do note that the leather is white.  It makes sense to be careful with it and keep it regularly maintained.

What’s More?

They have excellent customer service for this lovely leather bed. If you have any assembly issues, you can promptly contact them. They will get back to you soon with just the right information for all your queries and issues.

  • Easy to Assemble
  • Great customer service
  • Attractive wood frame
  • Futuristic and innovative design with remote-controlled LED lights
  • On the expensive side relative to features

12. SHA CERLIN King Size Low Profile Sleigh Faux Leather Platform Bed with Adjustable Headboard

SHA CERLIN King Size Bed Frame, Upholstered Faux Leather Low Profile Sleigh Platform Bed with Adjustable Headboard, Wood Slat Support, Black

There’s something about the contemporary design that adds clean lines to any space. Have you been looking for sleek additions to your bedroom? You may have narrowed it down to finally arrive at a leather bed.

If a quality contemporary design is what you are looking for, look no further than Sha Cerlin. With great designs that are cost-effective, they make contemporary aesthetics accessible to everyone.

Material & Design

The bed is kept a low profile with a low silhouette so that it fits seamlessly into your space. It is available in king size. It is upholstered in faux leather for the most luxurious modern look. The frame and rails are made of wood and metal for the right aesthetic.

You will not require a box spring to support this bed. Further, it comes in a contemporary black that will suit your bedroom just right.


Sound sleep is the ultimate goal of any good bed. This will keep you healthy and glowing from the inside. How can this bed ensure this? It has a sturdy foundation that can support both memory foam and inter-spring mattresses.

Whether it’s a bouncy bed for your kid, or an adapting bed for you, the foundation will keep your kids and you sleeping comfortably.


This bed is durable due to how it is constructed. There are a mid-supporting rail and adjustable legs, both that are made of sturdy metal. The frames are made of solid wood with strong connecting metal brackets. This makes the entire frame sturdy and it will last for a long time.

If you have kids, you may want to opt for this as the sturdy frame won’t give way to excessive activity.

What’s More?

That’s not all. A great bed can’t do much if you can’t assemble it right. This leather bed comes with the right customer service. They encourage you to contact them for any queries. They get back promptly.

  • Great capacity of 800 lbs.
  • Durable body
  • Contemporary design
  • May prove confusing to assemble as its parts arrive in two packages

13. Allewie Fully Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed Frame

Fully Upholstered Faux Leather Mattress Foundation

What’s trending in furniture design? If the trendy is on your mind, the furniture offered by Allewie is just what you were looking for. One of the trendiest and modern designs in the market is the waveform platform bed. Add to this a low profile and your bedroom will look fashionable and contemporary.

With Allewie, even your sound sleep can become trendier. Their leather bed is a great addition to any contemporary and stylish bedroom.

Material & Design

This queen-sized leather bed is grey and has an excellent finish with white sides. Of course, it is made with a low-profile wave platform to keep it contemporary and trendy. For a luxurious finish, it is made of good quality upholstered faux leather.

The body is also made of metal. The curved headboard further adds to the aesthetics.


This frame has a curved headboard so that you can sleep well and not injure your head. What else raises the comfort factor? It can be paired with just about any mattress of your liking. However, because of its design, it is only able to accommodate mattresses between 8 to 12 inches.

Don’t be fooled by its exclusive design. This leather bed is indeed designed for everyday use.


The durability factor on this bed is increased by just how sturdy it is. It is made with a metal and wood frame for long term use. Further, the wooden slats add to an excellent structure that does not need a box spring.

What’s More?

They offer excellent customer service. You simply have to click on the ‘contact seller’ to get the answer to all your queries. Further, the entire design is made keeping in mind that each customer’s needs are unique. It is designed to make customers feel like they are not lying on the bed but in an F1 car.

  • Trendy design
  • Quality upholstered faux leather covering
  • Goes well with any type of mattress
  • Does not require box spring
  • Difficult to install

14. Best Price Mattress Agra Upholstered Faux Leather Bed Frame

Agra Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Beds with Headboard and Wooden Slats, king size

Just like its name, this brand offers some of the most cost-efficient furniture for your space. If you are looking for the right faux leather bed frame, this may be just the brand for you. With good quality furniture, you can enjoy sound sleep from leather beds from this manufacturer.

Material & Design

This king-sized bed is a wonderful cost-effective addition to your home. Made of good quality faux leather in elegant black, this leather bed will fit in just right with your bedroom décor. It is also padded with high-density foam for a sturdy feel. It is a platform bed that needs no box spring.

Hence, it will stand on its own without the need for additional supporting material.


Your bedroom is where your best dreams play out. You want to ensure that your leather bed reflects this. For sound sleep, a comfortable bed is necessary. This bed has a low profile frame to add ultimate comfort.

Its slats are further made of wood and are slightly arched so that your mattress has stronger support. In this way, you and your kids can enjoy some high quality, safe, and undisturbed sleep.


The wooden frame of this bed makes it very durable. Further, for all the wear and tear, the manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty period.

What’s More?

The leather bed comes in compact packaging and is very easy to assemble. You will not find yourself spending more than a couple of minutes assembling it.

  • Classic leather design
  • Cost-effective option
  • Sturdy and great for kids
  • Low-profile for sound sleep
  • Storage space in the headboard
  • Very little clearance space for storage

15. Kings Brand Furniture Black Tufted Design Faux Leather Bed Frame

Kings Brand Furniture - Black Tufted Design Faux Leather King Size Upholstered Platform Bed

This brand prides itself on having excellent knowledge of its furniture. When you purchase a leather bed from them, you can look to a fulfilling experience with the right amount of expertise added to your furniture. You will be bringing a delightful masterpiece to your bedroom.

Material & Design

This king-sized bed is a classic design made of faux leather. It is black and is upholstered for a beautiful finish. It looks sleek and is pleasing to the eye. It is an excellent addition to your master bedroom or even the guest bedroom.

It is also a low profile bed for all your comfy sleeping needs.


The bed has an excellent support system that gives you ultimate comfort. It is made of wooden slats that will support you and your mattress just right. Further, you will not even require a box spring to support the bed frame.


This leather bed is durable as it is made with sustainable materials. With a strong metal and wooden frame, the bed is designed to last long. The durability factor is also increased by the metal legs on the bed.

What’s More?

It has a headboard and footboard for safety and aesthetic appeal. These are inlaid with crystal buttons for a great look. To add to this, there are additional center legs concealed well to make it look great in all settings.

  • Has elegant chrome legs and tufted leather
  • Durable
  • Centre legs for extra support
  • Missing parts in the delivered package

How Should You Care for your Leather Bed After Purchasing?

If you’re reading this, you may have narrowed down your bed frame search and landed on the leather bed. With buying it comes further responsibility. It is now time to care for your bed so that it remains durable and hygienic. What should you keep in mind? Read ahead to find out.

Your leather bed may be made of leather or faux leather If you choose a real leather finish, know that it is sensitive to heat. Keep it away from any heaters, fireplaces, and even direct daylight. It may get cracked if it is exposed for too long.

To counter this, keep petroleum jelly handy. You can simply rub it on drying leather. This will ensure that it stays moist and lubricated and have a prolonged life. To remove dirt, use a mild soap and cloth and wipe it off gently. Do this especially for your white leather beds.

A leather conditioner is a great option if you want to keep the sheen of your bed.

That being said, many of you may opt for faux leather. This eco-friendly option is in high demand and many manufacturers offer it. It is also easier to maintain. Vacuum it once every few weeks and you should have a shiny new surface in this way.

Some warm water and mild soap can be used to get rid of dust and any stains. You should avoid abrasive cloth as it is a little too rough and may result in scratches on the faux leather surface. You can also use a conditioner to prevent it from getting too dry.

We’ve provided you the best leather bed options in the market. Ensure that you care for them well so that they stay in use for a very long time.

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