Top 7 Best Extra Firm Mattresses – 2024 Reviews & Guide

Best Extra Firm Mattresses

Have you been wondering what kind of mattress will help you get your dream sleep? While a plush mattress can feel cozy, a firm mattress will let you slip into a deep and sound sleep. For back and stomach sleepers, this kind of mattress is very beneficial.

A firm mattress will keep its structure and let you shift in your sleep with ease. There are myriad firm mattress options and the market, and choosing the right one can be a difficult task. We have reviewed 7 of the best extra firm mattress options for you.

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7 Best Extra Firm Mattress Reviews

Here are our reviews for the best extra firm mattress options.

1. Best Aloe Vera Extract Infused Extra Firm Mattress by AC Pacific

AC Pacific Soft Aloe Collection 8 Inch Luxury Soft Bedroom Aloe Vera Extract Infused Fabric Covered Memory Foam Mattress, California King Size

This lush extra firm mattress is made of polyester and is suitable for deep sleep. Whether you want to get a quick nap on a long day or relaxing sleep on the weekends, this queen-sized mattress is apt. It weighs 52 lbs. and is suitable for most bed frames.

What sets the mattress apart from others in the market is its stretch fabric. It has been treated in luxurious Aloe Vera extract to give you multiple benefits as you sleep. Aloe Vera keeps your mattress naturally hygienic with its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

It also moisturizes your skin as you sleep. It has a memory foam that lines it above a high-density support layer. Hence, the foam will adjust to your sleeping position and habits, leading to improved sleep.

You may come across a mild scent when you unbox the mattress. It will linger only for a few hours before dissipating. Ensure that you open it in a well-ventilated room for the same.

The mattress may also take 48 to 72 hours to decompress completely. You can now go ahead and use the mattress to get some sleep. The memory foam in the mattress will cradle your body and will provide perfect support.

Spinal alignment and good circulation are important components of sound sleep. The mattress is designed to provide you with these qualities. The mattress is also a rather durable option and will last you for a long time.

It comes with a 10-year warranty period as well. Any painful pressure points will also be relieved. Expect correct weight distribution to keep your body healthy in the long-run. For anyone who prefers their mattress extra firm, this is a great option.

  • Treated with Aloe Vera for healthy sleep
  • Affordable option
  • Can help soothe pressure points
  • Will not lose shape
  • Will gather mold if placed on plywood

2. Best Extra Firm Memory Foam Mattress by AMERISLEEP

Amerisleep AS1 Memory Foam Mattress - Full (Firm)

If extra support is indispensable when you get your 8 hours of sleep, this is one of the best extra firm mattress options for you. It comes in a king size and weighs 95 pounds to make for a sturdy sleeping option. The mattress is designed for stomach and back sleepers.

It is a 10-inch high mattress that will keep your body supported and in position. You can breathe easily as you sleep as it also comes in an eco-friendly design. The memory foam is plant-based with an open cell structure. There is decent air space to keep you cool.

Hence, you can keep your commitment to the environment as you get some sound sleep. The mattress is also versatile as it works just right with any frame you have. Whether it is a slatted frame, flat frame, or box springs, the mattress is compatible with all.

It can also be used over adjustable bases, or go ahead and place it on your floor. Wherever you place it, the memory foam works to recover its shape promptly. You won’t have to worry about your elbow or knee sinking, as it will bounce back into shape in as little as 4 seconds.

It is also a durable option that won’t sag over time. Enabling this is the Bio-Core foam support that will keep it firm and lasting for many years. The Celliant cover on it is made of Thermo Reactive yarn.

It also works to relieve any pain at pressure points and is great for anyone suffering from back and shoulder pain. Side sleepers can also go ahead and opt for this mattress.

  • Fits any frame
  • Quick shape recovery
  • Very durable
  • Open-cell memory foam for increased breathability
  • May generate heat

3. Best Ultra Firm Hybrid Mattress by Dreamfoam Bedding

Dreamfoam Bedding Polar 10" Ultra Firm Cooling Hybrid Mattress, Queen

If you prefer an ultra-firm mattress to accompany your sleep, this mattress is the right bedding option for you. It has been constructed in layers of foam to give you the best quality sleep. The base of this mattress is made of 0.75 inches of high-density foam base.

Over this are layered individually encased coils 6-inches high. You will then find 2 inches of transitional comfort foam over which is layered gel memory foam of 2 inches. Finally, cooling quilted foam is layered for 1.5 inches.

This detailed construction leads to superior comfort when you lie on this extra firm mattress. The foam layers individually offer various benefits. From a breathable and responsive second last layer to the cool-to-touch final layer, it is designed to keep you cozy.

Enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep with the mattress cushioning you just right. The comfort also extends to the assembly of this bedding. It arrives in a compressed and rolled-up form. You can easily uncover it and set it up with ease.

Do note that the DreamFoam Bedding mattress may take about 24 hours for the mattress to expand completely. The extra time will also let any lingering odors from boxing dissipate. The mattress comes with a 10-year warranty period as well.

The manufacturer takes a personal approach to the bedding to stitch and craft it perfectly. Hence, it is designed to perfectly suit the needs of stomach and back sleepers who can benefit from extra firmness.

The coils are also quiet and won’t squeak as you shift in your sleep. The price point is well-thought-out as well, and the mattress offers great value for your money.

  • Well-constructed and quiet
  • Easy to unpack
  • Comfortable and cooling
  • Great value for money
  • Will not work with adjustable bed

4. Best Extra Firm Euro Top Mattress by Zinus

Extra Firm Feel / More Coils for Durable Support / Pocket Innersprings for Motion Isolation / Bed-in-a-Box, Queen

If durable support from your mattress is at the top of your priority list, this bedding option has been tailor-made for you. You will enjoy firm support and good relief as you sleep. The manufacturer has called this product its firmest mattress ever and with good reason.

It is extra firm and very stable due to its 10% more heavy gauge steel iCoil pocket innerspring. Hence, the mattress is great for stomach sleepers and for plus-sized individuals. In addition to this, it also offers excellent support.

It is made of soft comfort foam and high-density foam for added support. It also has a microfiber-filled euro top. The mattress also looks very aesthetic due to its quilted jacquard cover.

The mattress is also CertiPUR-US Certified. It means that it is a high-quality foam that has been tested for content, performance, and durability. It also means that the mattress is free from chemical flame retardants, formaldehyde, and ozone depleters.

It also retains the signature bouncy and responsive feel typical of Zinus mattresses. Hence, you will wake up refreshed after a sound night’s sleep.

You won’t have to worry about motion transfer, especially if you sleep with a partner. The wrapped coils are designed to curb this. Further, the durable mattress also comes coupled with a 10-year limited warranty.

Do note that the packing is also very well done. It is compressed into a box that can easily be moved into your bedroom. You can unbox it there and unroll it before you place it on the frame. Wait for 72 hours for complete decompression of the mattress.

  • Very durable
  • A good option for plus-size individuals
  • Won’t sag or develop depressions
  • Aesthetic
  • Edges may not be extra firm

5. Best Ultra Firm Luxury Mattress by Stearns & Foster Estate

Queen, Hand Built in the USA

This mattress is a part of the estate collection and is designed to fit your style. It is handcrafted for the ultimate luxurious sleep. The design of the mattress will make anyone take notice. Every stitch is designed to help you sleep comfortably.

It has a plush indulge memory foam that is exclusively engineered by the scientists at Tempur-Pedic. Hence, you will be able to indulge in a comfortable and plush bed that will give you the right pressure-relief as well. The Intelli Coil innerspring is one of the best in the world.

The technology has been patented by Stearns and Foster and comes with a coil-within-coil design. Hence, no matter what your body type, you will be comfortable sleeping on this mattress. It offers the perfect support level for all individuals.

If you are a hot sleeper, the mattress is just what your nights called for. It comes with a stretch-knit technology covering to keep you cool. This features Tencel that is a sustainably sourced fiber that is used in athletic wear.

Hence, it will wick away any moisture and contribute to a dry and cozy sleep. To further this, there is a ventilated coil system in the mattress. It increases breathability by working with external air vents.

The mattress is very detailed and a delight for picky sleepers. It weighs 130 pounds, and you will need the right frame to bear its weight and keep you sleeping well. It is a queen size mattress that sets the bar for quality bedding very high.

Its extra firm structure is a good option for back and stomach sleepers. However, it is also recommended for side sleepers, and it won’t result in any sinking.

  • Detailed and handcrafted
  • Offers breathability
  • Keeps your body moisture-free
  • Good quality materials
  • On the expensive side

6. Best Ultra Firm Thin Mattress by Zinus

This is a twin mattress that is the perfect crowd-pleaser for all your bedding needs. If you have guests over often, it is the perfect mattress to keep them sleeping comfortably at night. It is also sized perfectly for your kid’s room.

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Pressure Relieving / CertiPUR-US Certified / Mattress-in-a-Box, Full

If you need a topper for your old mattress, it works as the perfect option as well. It is a 4-inch memory foam mattress that will keep you comfortable no matter where you put it. The extra firm foam construction will ease and relieve any pressure.

To enable this, it is made of a Z: Comfort foam that envelopes the mattress. It also has the Z: Fusion foam that is a zero-waste and responsive option. In addition to this, the Z: Base foam makes it a great option for kids and temporary guests alike.

The mattress is also CERTIPUR US CERTIFIED for performance, durability, and content. Hence, you can be assured that the mattress will stay by your side for many years to come. It is extremely well packed and compressed into a box.

You just have to bring it home and unbox it to enjoy all of its advantages. Once put out of the box, leave it be for 72 hours, during which it will retain its shape. Following this, place it on your frame and let your kids and you can sleep or roll on it as you like.

Do note that it can only support a maximum weight of 150 lbs. You will have to opt for a larger size if you require more weight capacity. The mattress comes covered with a 10-year limited warranty as well.

You can place it on any foundation as long as it is secure and flat. Take your pick and place your mattress on the floor, traditional box spring, or slatted bed frame, among other options.

  • A good option for children
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Good for RV bunk bed
  • Can place it on any flat surface
  • May smell in the beginning

7.  Best Extra Firm Innerspring Mattress by WEEKENDER Brighton

Durable Tempered Coils—CertiPur-US Certified Foams, King

This is a king-size hybrid mattress that is one of the best extra firm mattress options for your bedroom. It is a high-quality mattress that will offer support and durability to anyone who brings it home. To ensure your comfort, it comes with an inter-spring construction.

Topping this is comfort foam that is constructed into a plus and comfortable layer. Hence, you, your child, or your guest can comfortably lie on the mattress and rest. For strong support, it comes with traditional tempered coils.

It is shipped and rolled so that it reaches your home in a compact manner. You can easily move it to your bedroom before you open it there. All of this ensures that the impact on the environment is minimal.

It is a good option for the stomach, back, and side sleepers. It will also support the lower back of any sleeper perfectly. For the right combination of softness, firmness, and support, this piece is ideal.

It is also recommended as a bed that young children sleeping in cribs can first transition to. It is easy to get used to and support their growing body very well. You can also experiment with various positions as you sleep on this bed.

The mattress is also made for heavy-duty use, and jumping children are unlikely to damage it. However, ensure that it is cared for well. This will only extend its life further.

Many people with back pain find it difficult to pick a bed that provides them relief. If you are one of them, this bed will keep your back supported and cozy to relieve chronic pain. Hence, you will only wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

  • Sturdy and heavy-duty
  • Good for kids transitioning to a mattress
  • Easy to unbox and assemble
  • Supports all sleeping positions
  • Quite expensive

Best Extra Firm Mattress Buying Guide

If you find an extra firm mattress comfortable, there are many options available for you in the market. When you purchase one of these, there are a few features you should look out for.

We have helped you narrow down your list by reviewing the 7 best extra firm mattress options for you. Read ahead as we discuss how you can pick the right one for your needs.

Type of Mattress

Extra firm mattresses come in various types. Depending on your preference, you can find one that is perfect for you. Read ahead as we discuss each.

1. Innerspring Mattress

An innerspring mattress has one primary section that defines it. It is the innerspring support core of the mattress. It occupies most of this bedding and won’t have any other material supporting it. In rare cases, there may be one layer over the innerspring coils.

However, a thin amount of fiberfill or foam is found on top of the coils. This makes it ready for usage. Innerspring does not have a soft-comfort component to it. Hence, it will naturally feel a quiet firm to touch and lie on.

In the absence of other materials, they lack pressure relieving features. They also lack motion isolation effects.

2. Airbed

The good thing about the airbed is that the firmness is changeable. The support core of this mattress is filled air. It can be inflated or deflated to pick an optimal firmness level. This level can be adjusted using your smartphone or a remote.

Hence, it is an intelligent bedding system that allows you good control and flexibility. Do note that there may be a few layers that cover the airbed core. It is one of the best extra firm mattress options suitable for any body type and sleeping position.

However, these are more expensive than other mattress options.

3. Latex

Most extra firm mattresses are made with natural latex. The rubber material is considered natural if it has been harvested from the sap of trees. If not, it can also be synthetically produced.

With latex, you will always find a dominant bounce, whether it is firm or soft. Do note that latex can be made to take on various firmness levels. An extra firm mattress will make it easy for you to shift on the bed without sinking.

It is a good option for anyone requiring decent pressure relief properties.

4. Foam

One of the most popular mattress core in recent times is foam. The foam may be poly foam, memory foam, or fiberfill. The core layers of this kind of mattress are filled with foam. There is a separate support core in this mattress, and it is usually filled with high-density polyfoam.

Above this, you will find a few layers that act as the comfort system. One of the advantages of foam mattresses is the good pressure relief that they provide. They will support and hug your body by compressing proportional to your weight.

It is an excellent option for side sleepers.

5. Hybrid

A hybrid mattress, just as its name suggests, is made of various overlapping materials. At the bottom is the core area. This is made of innerspring that provides the right firm foundation to the rest of the layers that will top it.

Placed over this is a comfort system. It may be made of a mix of one or more materials discussed above. These could include memory foam, latex, polyester, wool, and micro-coils, among others.

These hybrid mattresses will feel extra firm and solid to the touch. They also often have good quality edge support as well. However, the comfort system takes away the harshness from the core and allows it to leave you sleeping cozily.

You will be treated to a mattress that relieves pressure and promotes motion isolation.

Price of the Mattress

This is an important consideration when you go ahead and purchase your extra firm mattress. Since this product is designed to promote good quality sleep for a long time, it is worth investing in it.

Pay attention to who and how much the mattress will be used. If you are placing it in your bedroom, you may want to opt for one of a higher quality. These are priced relatively higher and are durable as well. They are great for everyday use.

However, if the mattress is meant for a guest room, you can pick one in the lower price bracket. You will also have to consider other factors like whether the mattress is handcrafted. If you prefer this kind of mattress, you have to be willing to pay a larger price.

Keep a realistic budget for your mattress as you will likely have to invest in a frame, pillows, and other sleeping accessories. Choose the right budget with all of these considerations in mind.

Motion Isolation

If you sleep with your partner, you may want to opt for a mattress that offers motion isolation. This feature works to reduce motion traveling from one side of the bed to another. It is especially necessary if you or your partner happen to be light sleepers.

Further, if you sleep later than your partner, motion isolation will keep your movements in bed from waking them up. It depends on the design and material in your bed. Mattresses that have good motion isolation confirm so in their descriptions.

In general, memory foam and latex are known to enhance motion isolation features. These materials tend to absorb movement and preventing them from traveling across the mattress. Since sound sleep is a crucial for good health, this is a feature you should pay attention to.

CertiPUR-US and Other Certifications

If you are a conscious consumer and careful about what you purchase, certifications can come in handy. You can look out for the same in an extra firm mattress that you purchase. A popular certification for mattresses is the CertiPUR-US.

It is a certification program that a non-for-profit organization administers. You may want to see if your mattress has this certification. If it does, it will be made without any ozone depleters and heavy metals like mercury and lead.

It will also be made without formaldehyde and other harmful materials. Hence, you will enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep, knowing that you and the environment are in safe hands. In addition to this, there are other certifications like OEKO-TEX Standard 100.

It is known to prohibit the use of some harmful chemicals as well. By checking for these in your mattress, you will be making an informed choice.

Pressure Relief

If you suffer from chronic pain or spend a lot of time in bed, pressure relief is necessary. It ensures equal distribution of your weight so that no particular part of your body is under pressure at a given point.

These also work to keep the underside of your body cool and dry. Moisture can create irritation, and good pressure relief prevents it from developing during extended hours of sleep.

Memory foam and latex are good materials for pressure relief.

Edge Support

Good edge support is important when you buy an extra firm mattress. Edge support is the resistance that a mattress provides at its edges. It is generally in the form of an encasement that that frames the sides of the mattress.

Better edge support will prevent any sagging around the edge of the mattress. Hence, you will be able to use your whole bed better. Further, if you are buying an extra firm mattress for your kids, edge support will prevent them from rolling off the bed.

If you make use of your bed often for sitting and lounging, edge support offers better support in these positions as well. Heavy sleepers also benefit from this feature.

Air Circulation

It is important to buy a mattress that allows for air circulation and breathability. Bad circulation can lead to moisture accumulation and hot sweats at night. To prevent this, look for a mattress that has breathability as one of its features.

This feature will also keep your mattress clean and will reduce maintenance efforts on your part. It is because the breathability does not allow any mold to form due to moisture retention. Hence, you won’t have to air the mattress out very often.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Read ahead as we discuss a few of the popular questions about extra firm mattresses.

Who Should Opt for an Extra Firm Mattress?

Anyone who has a weight of more than 230 pounds is likely to benefit from a good extra firm mattress. It is because it prevents the person from sinking into the mattress. Sinking can have negative effects of overheating the body and harming spinal alignment.

What Sleeping Positions Does an Extra Firm Mattress Benefit?

An extra firm mattress is best suited for anyone who prefers to sleep on their stomach or back. It is because a firmer feel prevents hyperextension at the lumbar and abdomen area. Long-term hyperextension can lead to pain in the lower back area.

What Accessories Can Support My Extra Firm Mattress?

Look for a softer pillow if you prefer more comfort near the neck area. If you already have a soft mattress and don’t want to spend on a new one, look for an extra firm mattress topper. Do note that this is a short term adjustment and is not as durable as the mattress itself.

Can Side Sleepers Opt for Extra Firm Mattresses?

Side sleepers do better on mattresses that are medium-firm. However, if you are a plus-size side sleeper, a side mattress can be very beneficial.

Summing It Up

A good mattress can be the key to a great sleep. We have put together a list of the 7 best extra firm mattress options for you. We have conducted our research to introduce you to each product in-depth. You can now take your pick and make the best purchase.

Further, our buying guide has taken you through some of the features that you should look for in an extra firm mattress. By looking for breathability, motion isolation, and picking the perfect type, you will be able to bring your dream mattress home.

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