Top 10 Best Fabric Headboards – Reviews & Guide of 2024

Are you in the market for a fabric headboard? Then you have landed at the right page! We have compiled a list of 10 of the best fabric headboards that are currently available on the market today. We will be comparing them based on a number of factors including material used, design value, comfort level, extra features and much more. This will give you a broader picture of each of the headboards which will enable you to make an educated choice for your purchase based on your needs and requirements. Let’s get started.

Best Fabric Headboards

Top 10 Best Fabric Headboards in 2024 – Chart

#PreviewHeadboard NameAdvantagesOur Rating

Modway Lily Tufted Linen Fabric Upholstered Headboard

statement piece
fabric headboard
superior construction
adjustable height headboard

Pulaski Selma Camel Back Tweed Panel Headboard

Fabric is tweed
Covered legs

LUCID Mid-Rise Upholstered Headboard, King/Cal King

Adjustable Height from 34” to 46”4.4

HOME BI Upholstered Tufted Shape Linen Fabric Headboard

Curved Shape Design
Button Tufted Diamond Stitch
Free Adjustable Width & Height
Comfortable & Safe Material
Easy to Assemble

Christopher Knight Home Jezebel Platform Fabric Headboard

Queen or Full
Light Grey
Easy to assemble
Easy to install

Pulaski Shelter Button Tufted Upholstered Headboard, Beige, Full/Queen

Iron instructions
Padded and Tufted for long lasting durability

Modway Curl Linen Upholstered Fabric Headboard King

Nailhead Trim
Curved Shape in Ivory
Adjustable height fabric headboard

Christopher Knight Home Canton Queen/Full Black Suede Fabric Headboard

Constructed with Sturdy hardwood and plywood
Upholstered with Black suede fabric

Foldable Upholstered Headboards for Queen/King Bed

good quality foam and fabric4.5

Flash Furniture Bedford Tufted Upholstered Twin Size Headboard in White Fabric

Contemporary Style
Panel Headboard
White Fabric Upholstery

1. Modway Sovereign Tufted Button Linen Fabric Headboard

A comfortable button tufted fabric headboard that is available in 4 sizes and 4 different colors


FABRIC HEADBOARD - Perfect for a master bedroom or guest suite

Our first choice of headboard comes from Modway and is titled as the Sovereign. It is a thick modern design headboard that comes with square-shaped button tufting that adds a sense of elegance. The Modway Sovereign has a simple rectangular design that further lends to its classy look and the generous amount of padding on the inside ensures that you can rest your head on it with ease. The Modway Sovereign is constructed from high-quality linen-like fabric that provides the same amount of comfort and softness but has extra durability which helps it withstand all kinds of wear and tear that it may experience over the years.

The headboard is available in 4 different sizes namely king, queen, full and a twin which ensures that you can find the perfect fit for yourself no matter your bed size. It also comes in 4 different colors including gray, ivory, blue and beige which gives you the added freedom to take home the choice that best fits the color scheme of your bedroom. Additionally, the Modway Sovereign comes with adjustable rails that make it easy for you to adjust its height according to the height of your bed and mattress. This way you can get the perfect fit no matter the height of your bed. Constructed from plywood and fiber wood, the Modway Sovereign promises a long-lasting construction that can withstand most abuse thrown its way.

If you are looking for a minimalistic headboard that has a classy look and thick padding, then you should definitely take a look at the Modway Sovereign.

Stand-Out Feature – Elegant Design

The Modway Sovereign features a simplistic rectangular design that is perfect for most modern homes. It has a square-shaped button tufting that further complements its rectangular shape while adding a sense of class to its overall design. The Modway Sovereign also features seamless corners that blend into the back of your wall creating a much more visually appealing experience that is always inviting you for a good night’s sleep.

2. Pulaski Selma Camelback Tweed Panel Fabric Headboard, King / Cal King

A camelback design antique flavored headboard that is available in two different sizes


Padded and stitched Fabric Panel Headboard for long lasting durability

This next headboard comes from the house of Pulaski and is titled as the Selma. It features a camelback shape that is low profile and comes with a tweed fabric panel headboard that lends to its overall aesthetics. The Pulaski Selma is inspired by antique royal headboards that were found in most European households in the early 18th and 19th centuries. Inspired by their simplistic and minimalistic design, the Pulaski Selma offers the same look with a combination of modern building materials and features that helps it keep up with today’s competitors. Its camelback shape is inspired by the hump of the camel which adds a unique curve to its overall look while the tweed fabric upholstery ensures that it can withstand much of the abuse it may be subject to.

The Pulaski Selma is available in queen and king sizes and is available in only its original color. The headboard is nail trimmed which not only helps the upholstery be much more durable than other designs, but the antique brass nailheads further help enhance the overall antique-inspired look of the headboard. Additionally, the wooden legs of the Pulaski Selma are covered in a soft fabric that ensures no exposed part ruins the overall look of your interior. If you are a prospective buyer that is looking for a rustic headboard inspired by antique designs then the Pulaski Selma should be on the top of your list. Its curved silhouette will add a sense of regality to your bedroom while the highly durable wooden frame and tweed upholstery will ensure that the Pulaski Selma can withstand much of the wear and tear.

Stand-Out Feature – Brass Nailhead Trim

There are a lot of headboards on the market that claim to be antique but are haphazardly thought over ideas that lack details to pull off the overall look. This often leaves most customers disappointed and asking for refunds. Thankfully the R&D team at Pulaski has taken extra care in order to ensure that the Selma does not lack any details that take away from its overall look. The tweed fabric provides a rich texture and feels that will remind of Victorian times while the fabric-covered legs ensure that they blend into your bedroom without being noticed. And the brass finish nail head trimming along the borders of the headboard finish the look with some much needed rustic feel to the overall design.

All of this makes the Pulaski Selma an excellent choice for antique styled bedrooms.

3. LUCID Mid-Rise Upholstered Linen Inspired Fabric covered Headboard, Gray

A midrise headboard with a faux linen upholstery for extra durability and comfort


Upholstered with linen inspired fabric headboard

Our third choice is from the category of cloth headboards and is made by Lucid that comes with a mid-rise tufted design with customizable upholstery. What helps the Lucid headboard stand apart is the ability to customize it according to your liking. Available in two different styles of tufting, the Lucid headboard allows you to choose between either diamond tufting or square tufting. Additionally, you can choose between full size, king-size, queen size, and twin size depending on your bed’s size. The Lucid headboard also allows you to choose between 4 different colors namely charcoal, cobalt, pearl and stone. This way you can get the perfect look according to your personality and wall color in order to ensure a perfect fit for the overall interior of your bedroom.

The Lucid headboard also has an adjustable height which allows you to adjust the headboard for a comfortable fit depending on the height of your mattress. Upholstered with linen inspired fabric, the Lucid headboard offers the same amount of comfort but with extra durability that can withstand most abuse that would otherwise spell disaster for linen. Its frame is made from solid Siberian larch wood which ensures that it can be used as a standalone headboard that does not require to be rested against a wall.

Additionally, the Lucid headboard comes with pre-drilled legs for easy installation and adjustments. It also comes with included modification plates that you can use to easily fit the headboard to more uniquely designed bed frames that would otherwise require serious modifications. It also comes with wall mounts just in case you feel the need to mount it on a wall and its lifetime warranty ensures that you are protected against any damages or defects that may arise in the future.

Stand-Out Feature – Lifetime Warranty

In today’s modern-day world where most modern technological businesses are being accused of slowing down your phones and devices in order to force you to purchase new ones, rarely do you find someone willing to offer you a lifetime warranty. But Lucid does exactly that by covering your new headboard for damages and defects for life. This not only shows you the amount of trust the company has in their product but also ensures that you can rest free about your investment as any defect that may arise in the future, will be covered under its lifetime warranty.

4. HOME BI Upholstered Tufted Fabric Headboard, Full/Queen Size, Beige

Comes with a diamond-tufted design and a camelback top for a sense of minimalism


HOME BI Upholstered Tufted Button Curved Shape Linen Fabric Headboard Full/Queen Size, Beige

Our next offering is the Home BI Upholstered headboard that has a diamond tufted backboard for a sense of sophistication to its overall design. This not only adds to its aesthetics but also helps keep the headboard padding in place over the years of usage for the same performance as you first bought it. Its camelback features a much-understated hump than most camelback headboards which further enhances its overall look by adding slight curves to its overall silhouette. The Home BI Upholstered headboard can fit a queen-sized bed as well as a king-sized bed which gives you the ability to use it on different beds overtime and even fit it on unique beds that lie somewhere in between the two sizes.

Available in 3 different colors, beige, grey, and smoke, the Home BI Upholstered headboard enables you to find the perfect color that fits the overall interior of your bedroom the most. Constructed from a high-density metal frame, the Home BI Upholstered headboard can withstand high loads of stress with ease while the fine linen fabric upholstery on the headboard spares no expense in terms of luxury. It offers a unique comforting feel to its texture that provides a great sleeping experience.

On the inside, the Home BI Upholstered headboard is padded with fireproof foam that helps prevent disasters while providing you with top of the line comfort. Thicker than most of its competitors at this price range, the Home BI Upholstered headboard comes with pre-drilled holes that allow for easy adjustment of height while the modification plates, drywall anchors, and wall mounts ensure that you have no problem fitting it to your bed frame no matter the design or space constraints.

Stand-Out Feature – Thicker Fireproof Padding

Mattresses and other furniture that is comprised of foam and other flammable materials like cotton and coir are the number one reason for a fire in most modern households. The Home BI Upholstered headboard keeps the safety of you and your family in mind and is padded using extra soft fire-resistant foam that helps prevent disasters in case the worse happens. Fires usually start as embers, sparks or fallen candles or matchsticks that burn through a flammable material in order to create a bigger flame. The Home BI Upholstered headboard will stop this from happening by containing the ember or the spark inside it and dying out instantly.

5. Jezebel Light Grey Fabric Headboard, Queen/Full

A high-quality premium headboard that comes in a rectangular design and diamond tufting


Jezebel Platform Light Grey Fabric Headboard

Our next choice is a diamond tufted generously padded cloth headboard from the house of Christopher Knight Home and is titled as the Jezebel. Developed with a lot of sophistication and class in mind, the headboard exudes elegance thanks to its simplistic rectangular design combined with dense diamond tufting that creates a mesmerizing and inviting pattern which is great for a good night’s sleep. Available only in grey color, the headboard is ideal only for modern-day homes that feature minimalistic settings and simple designs. Most rustic feeling bedrooms that require a lot of character will not be suitable for the Christopher Knight Home Jezebel as its simplistic and modern design will stand out like a thorn.

The French-inspired design is backed up by a cast-iron frame that offers a robust and rugged feel to the Christopher Knight Home Jezebel making it capable of withstanding all kinds of stress and abuse thrown at it. The Christopher Knight Home Jezebel has been designed for colder climates and might show signs of wear and tear in warmer climates with higher humidity. Most wet climates are also not ideal for the Christopher Knight Home Jezebel as it is susceptible to mold and dampness over time if not maintained properly. Additionally, the Christopher Knight Home Jezebel needs wall support at all times which means that it can not be used as a standalone headboard for your bed.

Stand-Out Features – Design

The Christopher Knight Home Jezebel is another offering on our list that is purely made for luxury. It features top of the line padding that offers a soft comforting experience that provides adequate support to your back and neck. It also prevents accidental bumps against the wall while sleeping which is a great added bonus for fussy sleepers. The Christopher Knight Home Jezebel comes with a densely diamond tufted headboard that not only provides it with a unique and elegant look but also ensures that your padding stays in place for years to come. Its simple rectangular design that blends into the back on its corners further helps the Christopher Knight Home Jezebel seamlessly fit into your bedroom. So if you are looking for something minimalistic and extremely comfortable, then the Christopher Knight Home Jezebel should definitely be on your shortlist.

6. Pulaski Shelter Button Tufted Upholstered Fabric Headboard

Comes with a button-tufted front board and is available in two sizes and four colors


Pulaski Shelter Button Tufted Upholstered Fabric Headboard, Beige, Full/Queen

Another offering from the house of Pulaski, this time we have the Shelter headboard that comes with a button-tufted back with a winged design for a unique look and extra comfort. Upholstered with high quality strengthened linen, the Pulaski Shelter promises a soft and premium feel while providing exceptional durability that can withstand all kinds of wear and tear. The Pulaski Shelter is available in a queen size and a king size which lets you choose the one that best fits your bed size. Additionally, the unit is available in four classy colors chosen from a minimalistic pallet with modern color schemes in mind. These colors include ash, beige, brown and ivory. Depending on the interior of your bedroom and your desired look, you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

Additionally, the sleek and contemporary wingback design offers a sense of styling to your headboard which will help it stand out from the crowd. The curved wings not only ensure an ergonomic design but also provide a flush fit with the back of your wall which is a great feature if you plan on placing your bed in the middle of the room. The upholstery fabric is easy to clean water-resistant which allows you to manage spills and drops easily with the help of a damp cloth. The Pulaski Shelter has its legs wrapped in a soft black fabric which helps them blend into the background which provides a seamless look to your bed. The Pulaski Shelter is priced very economically when compared to its solid wood frame and high-quality padding that is often found in higher priced headboards.

Stand-Out Feature – Wingback Design

The wingback design of the Pulaski Shelter is in reminiscence of early age armchairs that would often feature a body embracing design with wing-backs around the head area for a more comfortable fit. The Pulaski Shelter does just that using its minimal wingbacks that don’t stand out and hinder your movement but provide you with extra room to feel more comfortable and relaxed. The minimal curves help the Pulaski Shelter blend in with most of today’s furniture while maintaining its unique wingback look.

7. Modway Curl Linen Upholstered King Wood Fabric Headboard

A camelback headboard with silver nailhead trimming that is a great addition to rustic bedrooms as well as modern interiors


Modway Curl Linen Fabric Upholstered King Headboard with Nailhead Trim and Curved Shape in Ivory

This headboard comes from the company Modway and is titled as the Curl. Featuring a camelback design and nailhead trim along its borders, the Modway Curl is another headboard that has an antique and rustic feel to it. The headboard has swaying curves on the top that resemble a camel hump while a simple and plain finish throughout its front board which offers it great styling that is bound to complement any bedroom setup. Additionally, the nailhead trim on its borders has a light silver finish to it that adds a spark of glamour to its overall minimalistic feel. The Modway Curl is available in a queen size, a king-size, a twin size, and a full size which gives it the versatility to be compatible with almost any bed frame currently available on the market.

Additionally, the Modway Curl can be bought in six different colors, namely smoke, sky, grey, ivory, green and cafe. This allows you to mix and match the colors of your bedroom with the Modway Curl in order to achieve the perfect look right out of your imagination. The Modway Curl also comes with adjustable height which gives you the ability to perfectly match your headboard according to the height of your mattress. Additionally, this also allows you to adjust the height later in its life when you might decide to buy a newer mattress that has a different height than the previous one. The headboard of the Modway Curl is made from durable particleboard while its legs are made from solid wood in order to withstand huge amounts of load with ease.

Stand-Out Features – 6 Different Colors

Unlike most headboards that we have discussed in our list, the Modway Curl is available in a variety of total 6 different colors which include smoke, sky grey, ivory, green, cafe and brown. These colors have been chosen carefully with calmness and tranquility in mind. This way the color scheme of your bed and bedroom can ensure that they always have a calming and inviting feel to them for a good night’s sleep. Additionally, there is a higher chance that you will find the color of your choice that you see fit to go well with the color of your walls and other furniture in the bedroom. So if you have been in the market for a unique color to match with your overall bedroom setup, then the Modway Curl might just have the right choice for you.

8. Christopher Knight Home Canton Black Fabric Headboard

A uniquely styled Canton with a dual arched top that offers it an elegant and sophisticated look


Includes: fabric headboard, 2 rails, and tools and instructions

Another offering from the house of Christopher Knight, this time we have the Canton, a uniquely designed and upholstered headboard that is available in an all-black design. Constructed from premium quality materials, the Christopher Knight Canton features suede upholstery for a superior quality feel and look that can not be found on any other headboard at this price range. The Christopher Knight Canton comes with diamond-shaped tufting and features hardwood legs on its bottom. The headboard also has a plywood board on its front for added strength in situations of heavy stress and load.

The Christopher Knight Canton comes with included tools and rails for assembly which makes the job of installing it much easier right out of the box. Its retro dual-curved design on the top offers it a traditional look while the extra thick padding ensures maximum comfort no matter the circumstances. Additionally, the foam that has been used to create the padding is fire resistant which ensures maximum fire safety and protects you from any disasters that might have occurred in the future.

Stand-Out Feature – Extreme Comfort

The Christopher Knight Canton is one of the few headboards in this price range that comes with extra thick padding that is fire resistant. This not only ensures extra comfort but helps protect you from any unwanted fire hazards. Additionally, the Christopher Knight Canton is upholstered with premium quality suede fabric that is highly durable and extremely soft to the touch. This ensures a maximum level of comfort that is otherwise impossible on other headboards due to the use of a different fabric. The durable suede also ensures that it can withstand most abuse thrown its way with ease, be it sharp objects or spills and splashes. So if you are in the market for premium comfort at a similar price range, then the Christopher Knight Canton is an excellent choice for you.

9. Yongchuang Tufted Foldable Upholstered Fabric Headboard

Constructed from all eco-friendly materials and comes with a camelback top and a button-tufted diamond design


Wood construcion inner and with the metal legs which make the headboard durable

Our next choice comes from eastern manufacturer Yongchuang in a minimalistic camel top design with tufted buttons in a diamond-shaped pattern for a classy yet calm look. Available in a king, queen and twin size, the Yongchuang headboard comes in two different colors namely ivory and tan. This allows you to completely customize the headboard according to the size of your bed and color choice before making a purchase.

Yongchuang always has the environment and earth in mind when manufacturing things and this headboard is no different. Constructed from a metal frame and a wooden front board, the Yongchuang headboard also has eco-friendly foam for padding which offers extreme comfort while reducing your carbon footprint. The metal legs not only promise additional strength but also allow for easy adjustment of height in case you plan on swapping out mattresses. The Yongchuang headboard is a great looking budget offering that is eco-friendly, extremely durable and stylish for any modern bedroom.

Stand-Out Feature – Eco-Friendly Construction

Earth is dying and global warming is at an all-time high. People around the world are racing to minimize their carbon footprint and the Yongchuang headboard will help you do just that. Its metal legs are constructed from recycled alloys which not only ensure high durability but do not have any impact on the environment. The headboard is made from plywood which is another type of recycled wood that ensures that its construction has had minimal impact on the environment. And lastly, the eco-friendly foam inside the upholstery that has been used for padding is also compliant with earth-friendly manufacturing methods which further helps reduce your contribution towards earth deterioration. This way you get a premium quality product while helping save our home planet.

10. Flash Furniture Bedford Tufted Twin Size Fabric Headboard in White Fabric Upholstery

An elegant rectangular headboard that is available in two different sizes and a whopping ten number of colors


Flash Furniture Bedford Tufted Upholstered Twin Size Headboard in White Fabric

Lastly, we have the Flash Furniture Bedford headboard that comes in an elegant rectangular design. Complimenting its simplistic rectangular shape is the button-tufted upholstery that seamlessly blends into its angular lines. The Flash Furniture Bedford headboard is available in a twin size, a full size, a queen size, and a king-size which ensures maximum compatibility with most of the bed frames that are currently available on the market.

Additionally, the Flash Furniture Bedford headboard is available in 10 different colors which are the maximum number of colors on our list, namely white, red, orange, green, grey, camel, brown, blue, black and lastly beige. This is a dream come true if you have been trying to find the perfect color to match the overall color scheme of your bedroom as the Flash Furniture Bedford headboard is bound to have a choice for you. It features metal legs for additional strength in case of huge amounts of stress and they also allow for easy adjustment of height in order to ensure a perfect fit with your mattress.

Stand-Out Feature – Variety Of Colors

Most headboard manufacturers ensure size compatibility with almost all bed sizes currently available on the market today. Where most manufacturers lose out on customers is the color and design variations that they offer. Most people that are looking for furniture accessories want them to match their existing furniture and walls. Thankfully Flash Furniture has kept this in mind and come out with 10 different colors of their Bedford headboard. These colors include white, red, orange, green, grey, camel, brown, blue, black and beige. This gives an ample amount of choices to choose from which makes sure that you will surely find something that suits your taste and matches the interior of your bedroom. So if you are looking for a headboard that is versatile and minimalistic, then the Flash Furniture Bedford is a great choice for you.

Complete Buying Guide of Fabric Headboard

Fabric headboard buying guide

There are many things you should keep in mind when buying a headboard for your bed frame – types, construction materials, sizes and more. This way you can not only find an exact fit for your bed but also fulfill your requirements such as easy to clean or extra thickness. Our buying guide has been designed to help you with your purchase by helping you along with these various steps of making the right choice. Let’s get started.

Different Types Of Headboards

There are mainly 4 different types of headboards based on their construction materials. Let’s take a look at each one of them.


Wooden headboards are a great cheap option that offers a rustic feel to the overall look of your bed. They are easy to repair and can be modified after sales to fit almost any bed on the market.


Metal headboards are much sturdier than wooden headboards and offer more rigidity and structural stability to your bed. This makes them a perfect choice for public spaces like hotel rooms and motel rooms.


Upholstered headboards are covered in different kinds of fabric from head to toe for a unique sense of styling and extreme comfort. They are great for most interiors and feature extra thick padding and different designs for customizability.


Leather Headboards are a premium offering that features leather upholstery with state of the art padding for the top of the line comfort. It requires regular maintenance but offers a unique look like no other material.

The Benefits Of Having A Fabric Headboard

Having a fabric headboard can have a huge number of benefits which can have a significant impact on the way you live, sleep and use your bed. These benefits far outweigh the negative effects of a headboard that are often exaggerated. Let’s take a look at 5 benefits of having a headboard.

1. Save Some Money:

Buying a headboard is an easy way to improve the look of your bed and get additional comfort without having to buy a whole new bed frame that comes with its own headboard. Buying a headboard separately will allow you to use your existing bed with your choice of the headboard.

2. Easy Cover-Up:

If you have stains or wall damage that will cause a fortune to fix but is not having any effect on the overall structural stability of the building, then covering it up with the headboard might be a good idea. You can also cover up stains and patches using your new headboard with ease.

3. Style In A Minute:

You can also use the newer headboard to simply add some new styling to your old bedroom. This way you can refresh the look without having to buy a whole new furniture set.

4. A Warm Cozy Evening:

The headboard will save you from the cold walls on the back of your bed at winter nights. It will provide a warm and cozy surface to rest your back on for a good night’s sleep.

5. Lumbar Support:

If you are used to sitting in bed, then getting a headboard is a great choice for you. The headboard will provide your back with additional support when sitting in the bed which is a great feature for binge-watchers and avid book readers.

What You Should Look For in a Best Fabric Headboard?

 There are mainly three things that you should look for in an ideal headboard; comfort, size & style. These three factors will not only make it easier for you to make your choice but also offer you valuable insight into your purchase. Let’s take a deeper look at each one of them.


A headboard should be comfortable and should cater to every relaxing position that you are usually doing. It should have adequate padding for support and should be sturdy enough to support the weight of a family. Hence when buying a headboard, make sure that it has adequate padding and a soft fabric on the outside for a comfortable and snug fit.


Most headboards come with adjustable height but not width. This makes it difficult to assemble and fit them to your bed if you have ordered the wrong size. So if you are purchasing a new headboard make sure that you know your bed size. This way you can buy your choice of headboard with a compatible size without having to worry about issues during the assembly.


Lastly, make sure you buy something that compliments the overall style of your bedroom. This way you can make sure that your purchase does not stick out like a sore thorn in your bedroom. Make sure you choose a style that goes with your existing bed frame. Additionally, you should also pay attention to the color of your walls and headboard as they will have to go well together when placed against each other. This way you can find the perfect headboard that seamlessly blends into the existing interior of your bedroom.

How To Care & Clean For Your Fabric Headboard?

There are 2 simple steps in which you can take good care of your headboard and ensure that there are no permanent stains or spots on it. The first one being spot cleaning and the other one being a thorough sanitization and dry clean if needed. These steps will help prevent all kinds of disasters and also prolong the life of your headboard.

Spot Cleaning:

Be it fabric, leather or linen, spot cleaning is like CPR  for all of them. It helps prevent immediate staining and can often save the life of your headboard so to say. As soon as something spills on the headboard, start off by absorbing it using paper towels. Make sure you do not rub or scrub as that can cause the upholstery to absorb the liquid much faster. After that use cornstarch as the absorbing agent and then let it set well. After that rinse it off using cold water and soap if necessary. Most fabrics are compatible with water but some exclusive fabrics like suede do not react well to it. In such cases, you should use vinegar or vodka instead of cold water and follow the same steps as mentioned above.

Thorough Cleaning:

If you have stains built up over time for sweat, grease or other substances then thorough cleaning might be the way to go. You will require a dry clean vacuum for it and you should consult the fabric care instructions that came with your headboard. Once you know whether the fabric on your headboard is compatible with either water or alcohol, all you need is some dish soap to get started.

Start off by simply vacuuming the surface in order to get rid of the easy stains and loosen the tough ones. Then do a spot test to ensure that your fabric does not react to the materials that you have selected. After you are clear of the spot test, simply scrub the tougher stains with dish soap and vacuum out all the grime. You can also use a sanitizing agent at the end of it to give your headboard an overall new look and feel.

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