Sleep On Latex Pure Green Mattress – Reviews & Ultimate Guide of 2024

Sleep On Latex Reviews

Sleep on Latex mattress has now turned into one of the most famous latex mattress supplying brands. It provides mattresses built from natural latex. These mattresses are marketed as Pure Green Natural Latex mattresses. You may have seen many variants of this mattress if you are looking for a high-quality mattress for your comfort. This brand is offering every mattress with different firmness options to meet every user’s comfort needs.

Many buyers have invested their money in Pure Green Natural Latex Mattresses and all of them seem satisfied with the performance and quality of the mattresses. Let’s explore more about this brand to reveal how comfortable, durable, and feature-rich Sleep on Late Mattresses are. Also read our newest reviews guide about Sweetnight Mattress.

About Sleep On Latex:

This company was founded in 2013 with the goal of supplying top quality natural latex mattresses in the US market. It had quickly grabbed customers’ attention to quality and comfort. That’s how Sleep On Latex has become one of the leading natural latex mattress suppliers in the USA.

This company has established its factory in Sri Lanka to produce highest quality latex foam. Now it is popular as Pure Green Natural Latex foam, which this company uses to produce all of its mattresses. You not only get mattresses prepared from fully natural materials but also pay a very affordable price for Sleep On Latex products. Affordable cost and incredible comfort make Pure Green Latex mattresses the best in their class.

Why does Sleep on Latex rely on Sri Lanka for its product quality?

Pure Green Natural Latex from Sri Lanka

Sleep on Latex was founded by Karl Shevick. He was handling all the key business operations on his own until he included his brother Ezra. Karl was constantly looking for the best latex foam to improve the quality of his company’s mattresses. This quest took him to Sri Lanka, where the latex foam industry has been supplying high-quality foam for a very long time. Numerous rubber trees are located on this island nation, which produces top quality latex foam.

Sleep on Latex collaborated with a local factory in Sri Lanka to produce better quality latex foam. Today, it is known as their signature Pure Green foam. The experts agree that it is the best quality foam available in the world today.

Features that make Sleep on Latex mattress lucrative for the customers:

Although this brand is selling high-quality Pure Green Natural Latex mattresses at very affordable prices, you will still need to spend money to get the mattresses. Therefore, it is important to ensure you are spending your money to buy a product that will provide long-lasting service. Some key features make Sleep on Latex products useful and impressive for the customers.

Only natural materials are used to prepare the mattresses:

When you compare Sleep on Latex with other brands, one big difference you find is this brand uses only natural materials to produce its mattresses. Only natural latex foam is used to prepare comfy Pure Green Natural Latex mattresses. The mattress cover is also prepared from organic materials. Organic wool and GOTS certified cotton are two mainly used materials to prepare the cover. That’s how this brand supplies environment-friendly products.

No compromise with product quality:

Sleep on Latex has been providing the highest quality mattresses since the day it entered in this business. They use top quality foam and plush quality mattress covers. The construction quality is flawless and probably that’s why demands for Pure Green Natural Latex mattresses are quite high in the market.

Budget-friendly costs:

Another thing that lures numerous buyers towards Sleep on Latex is its special price range. You can compare the costs of Pure Green Latex mattresses with other high-quality mattresses. You will always find Pure Green the most affordable and feature-rich mattress. Prices are low but this brand never reduces the quality to increase the sales.

Top 6 Sleep On Latex Mattresses & Toppers In 2024

1Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress - Soft - Twin XL100% Natural Latex Foam, Organic Cotton, Organic New Zealand Wool4.4
2Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress - Medium Firmness - QueenAssembled and Packaged in our Chicago Factory4.4
3Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress - Firm - Queen6” 44 ILD Natural Latex Foam - 2” 30 ILD Natural Latex Foam - Organic Wool Padding4.3
4Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper - Soft - 2" Queen SizeLatex Provides Amazing Pinpointed Support - Sleep Better Instantly4.4
5Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper - Medium Firmness - 2" Queen Size00% Natural Latex - No Synthetic Latex - No Fillers
6Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper - Firm - 2" Queen SizeFirmness rating is 44 ILD4.1

Sleep on Latex Mattress Reviews:

This brand offers its latex mattresses in three different firmness options. Check every variant carefully to know which one of these three is the best for your requirements.

1. Sleep On Latex – Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress-Soft

Assessed by numerous experts and chosen by many customers, the Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress is available in three different firmness options. It is a soft firmness variant of this mattress, which compresses quite smoothly when you lie down. The mattress is designed especially for those who like to sleep on a soft mattress. It is a perfect choice for you if you are suffering from back pain. This mattress can also help people with back problems in recovering faster. A hard mattress can never offer comfort sleep every night if you are a lighter individual. Therefore, you should pick Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress-Soft.

The following features prove that soft firmness variant of the Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress is perfect for your comfort demands.

Notable Features
  • Only natural materials are used to produce this mattress. This mattress is safe and an environment-friendly product.
  • There is no poly foam, fire retardants, or synthetic latex foam used so it will not cause any sort of allergies or skin issues.
  • The mattress is assembled, sew, and packaged in Sleep on Latex’s Chicago based factory.
  • It is GreenGuard certified product and therefore you can choose it to reduce your environmental footprints.
    All these features turn Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress-Soft into a comfortable sleeping surface for users, who want a soft and luxurious bed every night.

    2. Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress – Medium Firmness

    Sleep On Latex Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress - Medium Firmness

    Sleep on Latex is one of the best selling natural latex mattress brands on the online market because of the quality and different firmness options it provides. This is a medium firmness mattress. It is designed to meet the comfort requirements of people, who do not want to sleep on a firm surface and at the same time do not want to face back pain because of sagging soft mattresses. This mattress provides incredible support to the user’s whole body including the neck, the limb, and lower back.

    Notable features
    • Built from 100% natural latex foam and there is no blended latex foam or any other synthetic material.
    • Featuring plush quality quilted cover, prepared from Organic New Zealand Wool and Organic Cotton.
    • This mattress is designed and assembled in the USA.
    • Organic Wool Padding turns it into a more comfortable mattress.
    • You can use it right after receiving on your door because no assembling required.
      Being a GREENGUARD Gold Certified by UL, this Pure Green Natural Latex mattress is a great alternative to other expensive mattresses. You will get a product which environment-friendly and still more comfortable and safer than many other mattresses in its class.

      3. Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress- Firm

      Sleep on latex Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress - Firm

      Firm mattresses are often considered perfect aid for curing troublesome back pain. Although you might find it a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, it will help you in curing back pain issue much faster. Sleep on Latex knows this fact and therefore it is providing the best natural latex firm mattress. This mattress allows your bones to absorb more pressure in order to relieve stress from back muscles, arteries, and veins. This mattress can help you in improving blood circulation. All in all, it is a durable and comfortable firm mattress for everyone who wants to get rid of back pain issues.

      Notable Features
      • Only natural latex foam is used to build this mattress, which is wrapped within a plush quality quilted cover.
      • Featuring three different layers of natural latex foam along with organic wool to ensure optimum comfort in any sleeping position.
      • No synthetic material. It is totally natural and still very comfortable.
      • You can unfold and start using this mattress right after receiving it on your doorstep because no assembling is required.
        Many Sleepers on Latex reviews reveal true health benefits of Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress- Firm. It is firm but it works like a therapeutic bed when it comes to curing back pain related health issues.

        Sleep on Latex Mattress Topper Reviews:

        If you already own a mattress and you are not happy with its firmness level, you can buy a Sleep on Latex mattress topper to make your nights more comfortable. This brand is offering mattress topper in 3 different firmness and 3 thickness options, which are:

        Sleep On Latex mattress topper thinkness

        1. Sleep On Latex – Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper – Soft

        Sleep On Latex Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper - Soft

        Sleep on Latex is probably the only brand in the mattress industry, which carries numerous globally recognized health and environmental certifications. Its mattress toppers are also designed to comply with much complex performance and aesthetic standards. Its key material Pure Green Natural Latex Foam has made it possible for this brand to produce gold standard products.

        This Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Soft Topper is probably the most famous choice among the customers. If you are sleeping on a firm bed for a long time and it is causing back pain and other issues, you should switch to this soft mattress topper. It will provide optimum support to turn those restless nights into comforting nights.

        Notable Features
        • This mattress topper offers pinpointed support and you can fall asleep very quickly after lying down on your this topper.
        • No synthetic material, only organic materials are used to build this mattress topper.
        • Its firmness rating is 20 ILD, so it is soft but still very supportive.
        • It stays cool throughout the time and breathes really well when you are sleeping.
          Get your Sleep on Latex coupon and use that coupon to buy this mattress topper, if you want to enjoy the comforting feel of this mattress topper.

          2. Sleep On Latex – Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper – Medium Firmness

          Sleep On Latex Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper - Medium Firmness

          If you have tried a firm mattress and a soft mattress, and both are not providing enough support to let you sleep calmly, then you should switch to a medium firm mattress. Buying a new mattress may not be a feasible solution because you already own a good mattress. Therefore, you should choose Pure Green 100% natural Latex Mattress topper. It will prevent your pelvis and hips from sinking towards the upside. Your body will create a totally natural curve when you are sleeping. Therefore, this mattress topper can help you in curing back pain and sleeping well throughout the night.

          Notable Features
          • It is a medium firm mattress, offers pinpointed support to the whole body. Your body will be in an ideal shape when you are sleeping.
          • Built from organic latex and no synthetic material.
          • No fillers are used to maintain the highest quality of the latex foam.
          • Tested time-and-again in order to ensure no allergies and back issues will destroy your healthy sleep.
            Along with all the above-listed features, Sleep on Latex also focuses on building products that can last for a very long time. Its patent Pure Green latex is one of the most durable bedding materials available in the market today. You can trust this medium-firm mattress topper to offer a very long and satisfying service.

            3. Sleep On Latex – Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper – Firm

            Sleep On Latex Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper - Firm

            The firm variant of Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress topper is designed for people who prefer a firm bed. A firm bed is suggested by many health experts who provide a cure for back pain issues. This mattress topper will help you in maintaining an ideal spine alignment which will ultimately lead you to sound rest throughout the night. This mattress topper is also more beneficial because of its ability to distribute body weight properly across the whole covered area. You get proper rest and wake up without experiencing any sort of stress on your lower back, neck, or shoulders.

            Notable Features
            • Prepared from the best quality natural latex, which is comfortable, durable, and completely organic.
            • Tested time-and-again in order to ensure this mattress topper will provide all the expected health benefits.
            • The cost is very reasonable in comparison to similar quality mattress toppers from other brands.
            • Sleep on Latex is confident that its mattress topper will remain intact for many years. You get a ten-year warranty on this product, which proves the manufacturer’s trust in the construction quality and performance of this mattress topper.
              Whatever firmness option you prefer, Sleep on Latex Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper provides it. So, you can trust this brand and its mattresses to meet your expectations in terms of comfort and durability.
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