Mattress America Frost Hybrid Pocket Coil Pillow Top Mattress Review 2024

A good night’s sleep is very often the key to a productive day. yet many people fail to get the rest they need because they continue to sleep on a mattress that is well past its best years. A mattress is not designed to last forever, yet people keep using them for longer than their lifespan, simply because they cannot afford to buy a new one. It is not uncommon to pay hundreds, or sometimes, thousands of dollars for a new mattress, but the good folks at Mattress America are trying to make it affordable for people to get a comfortable mattress at a price that won’t break the bank.

Mattress America Frost 13-Inch Hybrid Pocket Coil Pillow Top Mattress

About Mattress America Frost Hybrid

Yes, the name of this mattress is a bit of a mouthful. But it is also one of the better-reviewed mattresses of its kind that you will find on Amazon. For the purposes of this review, we are going to be talking about the Queen size. But be aware that you can also get this mattress Twin XL, Full, or King. With different price points depending on the size. On Amazon, you can get your hands on the Queen version of this mattress for a very reasonable $274.99. That is well below the price that you would expect to pay for a Queen at your local mattress store.

Features and Functionality

One of the more surprising aspects of this mattress when you consider the price is that it comes with a 13-inch gel-infused memory foam pillow top. Memory foam tends to be a rather pricy investment. While the full mattress is not made from that material. there is more than enough there to make for a very comfortable sleep. Better yet, the material used for the cover is breathable, which means you won’t be sweating it out overnight. For those of you concerned with sinking into the mattress, please note that it is also equipped with a 10-inch pocket coil core designed to offer the support you need while you rest.

The packaging of the mattress is also a little different than you might expect. As it is rolled, bagged and boxed for easier shipping. Once you open up the bag and lay the mattress on the box spring. You will find that the thickness will slowly expand to its full capacity over a few hours. It’s a wonderful idea that makes getting the mattress upstairs to your bedroom a breeze.

When fully expanded, the dimensions of the mattress check in at 80 x 13 x 60 inches. With the weight clocking in at 90 pounds. This is a sturdy, durable mattress that may need a couple of extra hands to unbox and get set.


For some, the low price of this mattress may be seen as a sign of poor quality. But it is 100% made in USA product, but Mattress America has been doing business for over 40 years now and offer a 25-year warranty with the Frost 13-Inch Hybrid Pocket Coil Pillow Top Mattress. This is a very good mattress and the price is even better. And with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5, at time of writing, it’s one that is getting a lot of positive reviews.

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